1. Chimpanzee

In Senegal, west Africa, live a group of chimpanzees led by an alpha male named David. He has already been alpha for three years - a time when leaders here are usually overthrown.

2. Emperor

A colony of emperor penguins gather in Atka Bay, on the coast of Antarctica,

after three months of feeding at sea. They arrive as the water freezes over and all

the other Antarctic animals have left the continent for the relative safety of the sea.

3. Lions

This episode features one of the most famous lion prides in Africa - the Marsh Pride of Kenya's Masai Mara. As the story begins, the Marsh Pride is in a unique situation in their history. They have been abandoned by all of the adult males who - until now - defended the pride.

4. Painted Wolf

This episode features a painted wolf named Tait, matriarch of one of the last great families of this endangered animal. She has ruled her dynasty for many years on the banks of Zambezi river in Zimbabwe, keeping the peace within her sprawling family.

5. Tiger

This episode features a tigress named Raj Bhera who lives in Bandhavgarh Tiger

Reserve in India and holds the perfect tiger territory, with dense jungle,

spring-fed ponds and rich grasslands teeming with prey.

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